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About Lumeinn Scooters

Lumeinn Scooters is a specialist electric scooter retailer.  We focus on delivering the best & safest e-scooters while providing unrivalled customer service, all shipped within 24 hours for fast delivery.

Lumeinn Scooters was founded by Adam Norris and his passion for new, game-changing technology that improves lives. Adam sees electric scooters as the future in reducing car usage, air-pollution and congestion in cities across Europe, along with walking, riding a bicycle and taking public transport.

We endeavour to work directly with manufacturers to ensure you get the very best quality electric scooters available at the best possible price.

Safety and Legislation
Safety and Legislation

Safety is of paramount importance to us. This is why we only stock electric scooters that have been rigorously tested. Electric scooters are legal to use on US public roads and pavements despite being illegal in many other European countries.

Lumeinn Scooters firmly believe that US road and transport legislation is outdated and in urgent need of modification, in order to meet the current transport and environmental challenges we all face. We inform our customers of the legal position to enable you to decide for yourself, where you personally stand on this sensitive issue.









Need to contact our support team?


Need to contact our support team?