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QuietKat Apex 1000/750W Electric Mountain Bike Camo

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QuietKat Apex Electric Mountain Bike

Do you love to hunt but hate how long it takes you to get to your location? Well, you're not alone. Traveling in the words by an unassisted bike can be extremely difficult and take a long time if you like to explore deep into the wilderness. 
Take a closer look at the QuietKat Apex 1000 to see what this machine has to offer hunters just like you. You can read here to see the Apex ranked as UrbanBikesDirect.com best selling QuietKat bike!

The Apex is QuietKat’s most powerful and capable fat tire electric mountain bike. The Apex features a 1000 watt mid-drive electric motor, hydraulic disc brakes for responsive stopping power, an air-spring suspension fork for a smoother ride, and a wide-range 9-speed gearing system to handle the most difficult terrain. Now available in 19″ and 17″ sizes. 



All Terrain All-Purpose Mountain Bike

This bike was made specifically for hunter which allows the bike to have some unique features. No matter the terrain you are dealing with the Apex can handle it. Climbing steep and muddy trails? This bike can handle it!

The 4.5" fat tires are included with this model and they have a great threat which helps you to climb steep a muddy paths. There are 5 modes of assisted pedal power which allow you to go faster and further!

Quick and Quiet

Since this bike was developed for hunters, Quietkat made it a priority to focus on being silent and scentless. The 1000 Watt bafang BBSHD motor will allow you to hit the trail while not disturbing the wildlife. 

The electric bike is silent in the field and one of the fastest on the market. With a fast motor, you can quickly get to your location. Ultimately giving you more time to hunt and less travel. 
The apex has a range of about 20 miles before needing to be recharged. This distance capability allows you to go further without the need to worry about getting home without battery. 


The Electric Mountain Bike That Blends


The Quietkat Apex 1000 electric bike has a unique innovative color allowing you to blend into your surroundings. The Quietkat Apex has two color options, charcoal, and camo. These two options allow you to blend into just about any natural environment. 


More Luggage and Gear


Another great benefit of the Quietkat Apex is it gives you the capability to carry more gear and not have to worry about weight. The right gear can make or break your hunting trip depending on what gear you have. 
If you're a big game hunter, bringing in your haul can be difficult and timely. The Quietkat Apex can carry a nice size deer back quickly and efficiently.


A bike that won't let you down

As you can see this bike is perfect for hunting! Not only does it blend well but it is quiet. It can take on any terrain and is great for exploring deep into the wilderness.  With a powerful and fast motor, this bike is quiet, quick and efficient. 
If you are looking for a way to save you energy and time in the woods, the Quietkat Apex is for you. 


  • Motor: BBSHD Mid Drive 1000 Watt
  • Display: Digital
  • Battery: 48v/11.6ah Panasonic
  • Frame Sizes: 19” (M/L) and 17″ (S/M)
  • Brakes: 2 Piston Hydraulic – 203mm Rotor
  • Fork: GT Air Suspension 100mm
  • Wheel/Tire: 26″ x 4.5″ (Fat Bike)
  • Gearing: 9 Speed Wide-Range
  • Drive: Stainless Steel Chain
  • Weight:  75lbs
  • Range: ~20 Miles
  • Load: 300lbs
  • Colors: Charcoal / Camo