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Urban Elite 2000 Watt LITHIUM Brushless Electric Scooter

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2000 Watts Lithium Brushless Power!

Scooter Wholesales is introducing the all new 2020 Urban Elite 2000 watt Lithium 48v BRUSHLESS Electric Scooter. This is the worlds fastest 48v stand up / sit down electric scooter in the world, reaching max speeds up to 45 mph and up to 25 miles per charge, 4x the torque of our 1000 watt lithium scooter, which will take a 200 LB rider up any hill with ease (Video Below). We put 14″ knobby tires on this beast, dual suspension, dual front and rear disc brakes, which separates this scooter from any other scooter in the world. We added aluminum to the frame making this scooter a lightweight 82 LBS. Has 20% more torque & 150 more rpm’s then our Turbo 1800 watt scooter. This is the ELITE version, so it will come with a FREE LED HEADLIGHT and a FREE LED BRAKE LIGHT on the scooter.(Pictures below).

Improved Features:
    • High Performance Lithium Battery Pack 48v 50a 20ah
    • Lithium Charger


    • Max Incline     30 degrees
    • Bigger Chrome Front & Rear Forks
    • Chrome Front Mono-Swing Shock
    • Rear Dual Shocks (for smoother ride)
    • Big Comfort Seat
    • Stainless Steel Bolts w/ Nylon Lock Nuts
    • High Quality Front & Rear Disc Brakes
    • Huge Knobby road 14″ Tires with upgraded aluminum rims
    • Uses Hi-Tech 2000watt 48v Smart Controller Box
    • Improved Fuse Housing & Battery Cable Gauge
    • Extended Frame (6″ longer 4″ taller then 1000w scooters)
    • Improved Chrome Kickstand w/built-in Shock
    • Econo / Turbo Mode Button
  • Free External Charging Adapter Included
About the Urban Elite 2000 watt BRUSHLESS 48v Electric Scooter:

This is not a kid’s scooter! The Urban Elite Lithium 2000 Brushless scooter boasts speeds up to 45 mph, distance per charge up to 30 miles, and 4x the torque of our 1000-lithium; it can easily be called the Lamborghini of electric scooters.

What is the difference between a brushed and brushless electric motor? The basic difference is: brushless motors are a more advance technology that produce double the power, run cooler, are more efficient, and longer lasting. For a more detailed difference simply Google “Brushed vs Brushless Motors”.

We put 14″ bigger knobby tires on this scooter along with a chain twice as thick as any other chain on any other electric scooter, so it can handle this speed and torque without breaking for extra safety insurance. It is equipped with a high output 48v 50a 20ah LifePo4 Lithium battery; it’s 80% stronger and has double the output of the battery we use in our 1000-lithium. This is the Worlds Fastest and Most Powerful built electric scooter. Recommended age is 16 years old and up.