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The bicycle: It’s a popular way to get around for fun, get exercise, and even commute to all the places a busy person might like to go. The only limitation of the bicycle, whether beach cruiser, mountain bike, ten-speed, or some other cycle, is that it is powered by the human body. But what if you could have all the benefits of a bicycle, yet the extended range of power-assist? Now you can. Introducing the Lumeinn eBike line of electric bicycles, the world’s most comfortable, stylish, and versatile electric bicycles.

Make Your Ride Fun. Greener. Cheaper.

Electric Scooters can help you save time, save money and save the planet. What else? You’ll have loads of fun too. Take control, it’s time to get around on your own terms.
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Our Advantage

We endeavour to work directly with manufacturers to ensure you get the very best quality electric scooters available at the best possible price. We ensure that all e-scooters provided by us have undergone rigorous testing for both quality of manufacture and safety standards, and come with the longest possible warranty. All stock is held in the US to reduce delivery times and of course, our carbon footprint.

Incredible Brands. All in one place

As a team passionate eBike riders, we only sell what we've tested ourselves and what we know you'll love. Lumeinn is here to get you a ride that works for you!

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Staff are passionate about what they do and very knowledgeable. They take time to understand your needs and ensure you buy the bike that is right for you. Service is also excellent. Highly recommended.

Raisanen Brown

My life has been transformed.  Zipping around downtown is so much faster & fun now.  Best of all, I am doing something to help the city become cleaner!

Komono Devon

I purchased an e-mountain bike from here and the attention and service I received was really quite exceptional. I had little cycling experience, and I was taught all I needed to make a decision. I was able to test-drive the bikes as much as I needed to be comfortable with my choice.


The guys here were great at helping me get my first e-bike, they made the whole process really smooth. Professional, no-pressure service from start to finish. Highly recommended.


Sol have had my Boosted Rev for about a month now on campus. Not only is this
thing so fun to ride I have tested it and it is by far the fastest way to get around
campus. Faster than: light rail, bus, car, bike, etc. I could not be happier with my purchase and I honestly can't stop smiling every time I ride it.

Ros h Tyug

I had very specific needs that I wanted my new ebike to satisfy and the staff patiently allowed me to check out various makes and models until I was satisfied. Everyone should get one!


Perfect gift and it was packaged great so that it would not get damaged. My niece I got the gift for was so happy!!!

Tia Renee

We just want to write again to say how much we are enjoying our bikes. We couldn't have bought them at a better time. We are self isolating and getting out each day on our own on our bikes is a highlight of our day. I was hoping to add a picture today but can't see where to do that. I did choose two in the "choose file" box above

Kathy and Art Meger

We would like to say thank you for the help you gave us when purchasing our two ebikes online.  First to Makan for his help on the chat line and most especially his patience in answering our questions.  Then to Steve for working out the shipping arrangements with us.  They worked out perfectly, thank you.