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The ORCA Mark I compact seated electric scooter is everything we have asked for.

More torque, more power, faster, bigger, taller! It's perfect for adults usage. With triple suspension system, ORCA is comfortable for daily commute. The ORCA folds effortlessly, easy to carry and bring it everywhere with you.

orca electric scooter full view majestic

ORCA Mark I Electric Scooter Technical Specifications
orca mark i electric scooter full side view

orca mark i electric scooter foldable

Fold your ORCA Mark I Scooter easily in 2-seconds

orca mark i electric scooter at the back of your trunk or car boot

Bring your ORCA with you to cover the last-mile travel, fits easily at the trunk of your car

ORCA electric scooter usb port

orca electric scooter triple suspension system

ORCA Mark I - Triple Suspension System 

orca mark I electric scooter IP54 waterproof rating

ORCA Mark I is IP54 Water-Resistant Rating

orca mark I electric scooter shipping protection

Fresh-Out-Of-Box ORCA Mark I - Shipping Protection

ORCA Mark I electric scooter front and rear disc brakes

Take Control of Your Speed - Front and Rear Disc Brakes 

anti theft remote key for orca electric scooter

Internal Anti-Theft Alarm System will sound off if someone tries to:

  • Remove the battery
  • Unplug the power cord
  • Shake or touch the ORCA scooter
  • Turn the handle bar
  • Sit or stand on the ORCA Mark 1 scooter

The battery is included in each remote control key, the alarm is 120dB loud. The alarm is highly noticeable. The power-cut feature will be enabled if someone turns on the scooter.

 orca mark I electric scooter going over hump



dimensions of orca mark I