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QuietKat Warrior 1000W Electric Mountain Bike Camo

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QuietKat Warrior Electric Mountain Bike

For those of you looking for a better way to get around in the field or in the woods, the QuietKat FatKat Warrior just might be the right Ebike for you! This amazing electric bike is a hunters dream.

The Warrior with its super quiet 1000 watt motor will allow you to stealthy move from place to place without disturbing game. Great for many different types of hunting activities, this bike will help you penetrate deep into the wilderness.

2019 Warrior electric hunting bike


Rugged and Durable


This electric bike was made to handle rough terrain with ease. The designers of the Warrior put a lot of thought into making an Ebike that could stand up to the pressure of the hunt. In order to find game, hunters often have to traverse steep and rocky inclines that are really hard for any traditional bike.

But rough terrain is no match for the Warrior. With its spring coil hydraulic suspension, this bike can tackle hills, bumpy trails and will even let you blaze your own path. This makes it the perfect hunting machine! Moisture can also be an issue that many hunters face.

Often times they will have to cross puddles of water or even a stream. As you already know, moisture can cause rust. This is why the Warrior has been equipped with a stainless steel chain so that you will never have to worry about getting your bike wet while on the hunt. You will also be happy to find that a pair of 4.5 inch wide knobby tires come standard with this model which gives the bike excellent traction in even the muddiest conditions.

Front tire close up

Power and Speed

Getting down the trail to your hunting location is something hunters want to do not only quietly but also quickly. The faster you can get to your deer stand or duck blind, the better your chances of taking home some game. The Warrior can help you accomplish this goal with ease. Hunters will be pleased to know that they can get from point A to point B without possibly having to use pedal power.

This Ebike has a very impressive range of 18 miles without the need to be recharged. Perfect for those who like to hunt away from the crowd, having an electric bike that can take you that far is a real asset. Speed is something else this bike is capable of producing. With a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour unassisted, you can cruise down the easy parts of the trail making a great time.

mid drive

The Warrior has an 8-speed drivetrain that is combined with a thumb throttle for maximum benefit and distance. This bike comes standard with a 1000 watt electric motor and is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged in just 6 hours.

This is great for those hunters who have access to electricity at base camp. They can simply plug in the bike when they return from the field and it will be ready to go the next morning. The sooner hunters can get back out in the wild the sooner they will be able to get back to doing what they love most!


Designed To Hide

The warrior comes in two different color schemes. Hunters can choose from an all charcoal model which is great for those who are traveling in the dark or the camo model that blends in well with the surroundings. Both color schemes offer hunters a way to conceal themselves while on the go. Being able to stealthy move around is one of the cornerstones of any good hunt. The camo model which is one of the most popular is also very stylish. The charcoal model is attractive and sleek looking but also very practical.  The photo below is the older 2018 model, 2019 has a slightly different frame design.

Keeping up with battery life is important to any hunter that likes to venture deep into the forest. Running out of juice can be a serious issue for hunters and it could possibly leave them stranded. The warrior helps the hunter prevent getting stuck in a dangerous situation by providing them with an accurate battery life indicator. An easy to read digital display will always let you know how much juice you have left. This display will help you keep track of speed which is also a nice feature to have while out in the field.




One of the most challenging parts of a hunt is getting your game back home. For those of you who take trophy bucks or other large game, this can be an even bigger issue. In the past, many hunters have had to drag their game out of the bush with nothing more than their own strength. But if you are a long way from your base camp, getting your game out the old fashioned way can be an impossible task. Instead, why not let the QuietKat Warrior do the hard work for you?

This very powerful Ebike has a load capacity of 300 pounds which is great for not only hauling back a game but also all your hunting gear. If you opt to purchase the QuietKat trailer, you will add even more capacity giving you all the room you will need for a successful hunt.

Warrior with female rider

If you are an avid hunter that is looking for a better way to get down the trail, then the QuietKat Warrior is the perfect tool for the job. This bike will make a wonderful addition to your hunting equipment and allow you to really get out there where the real game hides. The Warrior is truly in a class of its own when it comes to hunting. Its ability to quietly stalk around will give you a huge advantage.

So if you're thinking of upping your hunting skills, this Ebike can take you to the next level!


  • Motor: BBSHD Mid Drive 1000 Watt
  • Display: Digital
  • Battery: 48v/11.6ah Panasonic
  • Frame Sizes: 17″ (S/M) 19” (M/L)
  • Brakes: 2 Piston Mechanical – 203mm Rotor
  • Fork: Mozo Coil Suspension 100mm
  • Wheel/Tire: 26″ x 4.5″ (Fat Bike)
  • Gearing: 8 Speed Wide-Range
  • Drive: Stainless Steel Chain
  • Weight:  75lbs
  • Range: ~20 Miles
  • Load: 300lbs
  • Colors: Charcoal / Camo